Real freedom = Freedom for All.


I have made many great friends over the social media airwaves. Four in particular impress me with their insights and quality of posts. Annika from Gothenburg, Ricky from Springfield Missouri, Lee from England and Asif from Dhaka, Bangladesh I first met on the pages of Earth we are One, a group site that was set up to discuss positivity that now has 90,000 members. Unfortunately amongst this many people you get the occasional idiot and I have reported several who promote drug use, pictures of firearms and sunglasses etc.

I felt like leaving the group but liked reading the posts from my four new friends and i sent them a friend request which they gratefully accepted. I asked them why they kept posting in Earth we are One and they replied that if you gave in then the reason the group was set up would be lost. it must be hard to admin a group of that size, I am admin for three groups that total 200 and keeping them fresh is a task in itself.

Through Annika, who is one of the great sources for inspiration I have come across on Facebook I discovered a group called Real Freedom = Freedom for All. As my koan is Love and Respect for All, Everyone included the name of the group called to me instantly and when I read the purpose of the group:

This Group is about Freedom and to be more specific Real Freedom which means Freedom for All. This may seem to be very far fetched idea but it is in truth very simple to achieve, if that is the way we want to live as a collective.

It all stems from Oneness, the idea that we all are One. This is quite obvious I think, even our DNA is almost identical regardless of the species.

What makes all the difference is the understanding that all living beings are Absolutely Equal. (equal value). This means that the Free Will of every living being is sacred, and must therefore be honored. And that is the whole “secret”, very simple indeed.

Three years ago this “idea” was “shown” to me during some kind of vision, and what “they” also showed me was that this “portal” is always open. We just have to live according to Oneness to be able to have the experience of that kind of life.

we are one

started by a friend of Annika’s K-E Ivares this group has steadily grown as liked minded people world wide discover it by stealth or referral from a friend, I got onto it via Annika who is a verdant promoter of it.

I would recommend joining Real freedom = Freedom for All if you are called by Living in Absolute Equality and fully Respecting every other beings Freedom and Free Will. The link is See you on the news feed for the group.

Namaste until next time my friends



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