How to live your vision.

I spent yesterday with six other courageous souls revealing and uncovering what it is that we would love to do in our lives to earn money and resolving the issues that prevent us from doing just that. This course aligns the heart of the spiritual entrepreneur with their purpose in life so they can begin to embody their full self in the business world and personal life.  it was called getting paid for doing what you love

The course facilitators Miroslav Petrovic and Charmaine Adam skilfully took us through several life altering exercises, the first allowing yourself to shine, we were askers and witnesses in this process where we intuitively asked our partner questions and they got to express and  create their visions for themselves, it was beautiful. Mine is : Love and Respect for All, Everyone Included and my mission is to set up Centres and run workshops to create this throughout the world.

We then looked at the Potential Blocks and resistance that exist in out psyche and outer world and what is rehired to change to resolve them. Mine is I am an unqualified dreamer and no one will listen to me, to resolve this I have to get in touch with how unique my life journey has been. Other ways I sabotage myself is to get sick via mental illness, not follow up on opportunities, and do too much at once.

We didn’t get to the third process which was about our relationship to the external factors that may restrict us  reaching our visions, we were asked would we let ourselves have them and who may be able to nuetralise us reaching them in our external world. As I am dependant on the government for my income at the moment this one came up so I have sworn to be off them and earning my own  income by the end of 2015.

Next was the major process of the day , Charmaine has developed the Serenity Vibration healing training that allows you to release the negative blocks that permeate your thinking and we were given access to these powerful clean-zings in a dignified empowering manner.

I left the day with the following statements:

I am social media manager For the Darebin Intercultural Centre

I have ten years experience in managerial and editorial roles

Currently writing a book called Ten Words: Transform a Life and have been approached by Hay House

and the people I typically work with are visionary decision makers.

When this course is held again I would highly recommend that you get on board the journey that is Get paid doing what you Love. To contact Miroslav and Charmaine

Namaste to next time my friends

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