If not now When?

Marc and Angel wisdom again. Here’s what they say on its time to make a change. Life has a way of throwing up red flags when it’s time for us to make a change- we just have to be watchful for them. Some of these flags are

1. Fear is holding you back

2. You catch yourself feeding the negative

3. Your mind is everywhere except right here, right now

4. You feel pressured to be someone other than yourself

5. You feel like you’re competing against everyone else

6. A relationship is making you miserable

7. You feel bored

8. You’ve been resisting change

9. Other people are writing your story for you

Do these speak to you, if so you are not alone. Many people are afraid to step forward and change their situation simply because they don’t know how or because they’re afraid to fail.

Are you waiting for the perfect time. Let’s look at what society says about that:


1. This relates to point six above, golden rule is to give them a few chances to prove you incorrect, but do not burn yourself out waiting.


2. Always a good thing to refresh your friends page on Facebook now and again, this also holds in life: Everything has Changed.


3. A leap into that clear pristine water that is the change in your life, a thing of beauty.


4. How often do we receive a sacred message about moving on that we ignore as it doesn’t seem to make sense: Scars to your Beautiful.


5. Stop standing in that quicksand. It’s the day to extricate yourself, today is the day.


6. The message is coming across the Universe loud and clear, please pay attention: Across the Universe.


7. Mahatma caused the imperialistic British Empire to leave his beloved India with this ethos.


8. Time to find your personal diving board and leap into you new shining dance: Playing the game of Life.


9. My friend Sir Richard says that their is no perfect time to begin a new adventure, so why not begin it now, perfectionism is the booby prize after all.


10. Flip that coin, heads or tails: Hopeless Wanderer


11. Remember skipping stones across your grandparents farm dam. These are some worth going and reclaiming when its time to make a change.


12. Beautifully written words with an inspiring message: Dreams.


13. Tupac Amaru Shakur  born Lesane Parish Crooks, also known by his stage names Tupac, 2Pac and Makaveli, was an American rapper and actor. Shakur sold over 75 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time.


14. Which tribe do you hang out in: Time to Change.


15. This picture depicts brilliantly how not to make a mistake in your life. Its called not living, sticking your head in the sand and ignoring life.

So what’s the answer? it’s recognising that changing your situation is about taking actions in the present. It’s about asking yourself: what are the things I can do to improve this situation now?

The playlist for today begins in the present, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran together, then Amanda Genz. Back in time to the Beatles and some vintage Alan Watts wisdom. Mumford and Sons, Fleetwood Mac and a surprising number from the Brady Bunch finish it off.

Namaste until next time , my dear friends.



1 thought on “If not now When?

  1. Fancy your post being about making changes! We must be on the same wave length, Rod, with my post being about change, just a few days after yours. A bit of synchronicity happening there, me thinks! ☺️


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