Love and respect for all, no one left out

I was sitting at my desk in the Darebin Intercultural Centre in Preston , Australia where I volunteer two days a week when this manta entered my mind. It was and still is confronting. But the reason I can live with it that I have seen it being practiced at our centre. No one is excluded, we have free English classes, requirement to take part, be human: we have cultural evenings that let communities be proud of their culture, the purpose is to educate other cultures that all cultures are proud of their backgrounds. We don’t allow religion or politics as these have been hi jacked by the power crazy mandarins around the world.

Do my question is What would it take the human race to achieve this, there is a lot of evidence that we cannot achieve it going on at the moment in the world. I disagree; If we are open hearted there is the opportunity with social media to break down all borders and spread this message world wide. If you like it join our quest to have love be the prominent ethos throughout the world. Here is the link:, get on board, we are getting far to close to midnight as a race.

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