Does No mean No.

We often come across seeming ludicrous decisions in our life, things that do not just make sense. An example that occurred in my life recently was an edict from a local council not to use the overhead projector in a facility we hired even though we were willing to pay more money if necessary. This meant we would have to fork out several hundred dollars to buy one , money we do not have while the projector in place sat there unused.

My old mate Steve who I used to stand on the barricades with is a councillor for the area, an anarchist and a man who does not take kindly to ridiculous regulations. He believes that council employees are there to serve the ratepayers, something that council employees sometimes seem to forget in their day to day actions. So I wrote to him and he has got the CEO on to it, so No may not mean No.

I got this new sense of power from watching Amanda Palmers amazing TED talk about the art of asking, heres the link 14 minutes of transformation, when do we assume and not ask, how many opportunities have we let go by by saying in our mind I know the answer to that, I know it took something for the person in my last relationship something to break down my already always listening that relationships don’t work. In the end my attachment to this koan was so strong she left.

So what areas do I now ask in I never used to before?

1. In the area of contribution, I no longer think thats impossible because….. The help is always out there, you just need to be open and keep on asking.

2. In the area of Giving, If I see that someone needs assistance I will give generously of my time and money if that is what is required. Recently I could not attend a friends fund raiser to travel to Bali to attend a workshop and I contacted him to donate some money. he suggested I buy a ticket and that he make it available to someone who could not afford to come.

3. In the area of Love, I have struggled with self love my whole life and up until last year was a handshaker not a hugger. I broke through this at a retreat I attended and am now asked to give hugs and complimented for the loving hugs I give people.

4. In the area of Wisdom, I have always had an  inner wisdom but I was very unwilling to share it, being an introvert and all. This blog is a result of a breakthrough in that area and my 800 plus Facebook friends, many who I have obtained on the recommendation of others.

Thats enough, Namaste my friends until next time


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