Ten Words: Transform a life

Have you ever received that call from your best friend, I need your help, I’m …….. What would you say. I have spent a lot of time in therapy and been hospitalised 4 times because I am not great at getting the coaching. But recently I had the thought what if it did not take years of therapy and having to go to hospital, what if it took ten words or less.

I have come up with this saying for the world, Love and Respect for All, No one left out, If we all lived by this koan, war would disappear overnight and peace would reign supreme. When I first thought of it I was confronted, but the more I share it and stand in its power, I can actually see it happening in my lifetime. We are on the edge of transformation for the planet, people are over the all mighty dollar being the dominant paradigm.

I have taken on a 32 day challenge to not complain, i.e. being part of a conversation that is a complaint, speaking or thinking a complaint. I am up to day 7, as a race humanity is not good at this non complaining. We seem to find it easier to bitch about life than stand in our power and make the difference required. I have had to leave situations several times but have also turned several situations around. MY mind needed some training in not thinking complaint mode, it is well trained in it.

So what would you say. I attended Catherine Deveny’s brilliant Gunnas Writing masterclass and I told her of my intention to write a book on the subject. Catherine reeled hers off without hesitating. What would our lives be like if we all could do that. Another one I use is it’s up to Us, because we can, its our time


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